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brigita brezovac - ifbb pro bodybuilder - photo by robby brandt

Travel schedule 2015
I do not travel for sessions!
» March 4-8th .  . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Arnold Classic Ohio

Updates in the member section

2015-03-04 Shooting on Muscle Beach!
2015-02-17 Shooting in LA!
2015-02-06 Fan shooting on the balcony!
2015-01-15 Another great album from shooting in the desert!
2014-12-28 New album from shooting in the desert!
2014-12-15 New album from shooting in Gold's Gym!
2014-12-02 Hot shots during video shooting!
2014-11-28 Lots of photos in the army outfit!
2014-11-03 New album from shooting in the desert!
2014-10-22 Posing in the desert!
2014-08-22 My first training of martial arts, part 2!
2014-08-07 My first training of martial arts! I'm slow but give me some time to practice :)
2014-08-02 Shooting the video!
2014-07-22 Posing with big Tina Chandler!
2014-06-06 Walking lunges outside !
2014-05-23 Working big back!
2014-04-13 Pumping biceps in Dubai before Arnold 2013 !
2014-04-07 Gym shots from Dubai Supergym !
2014-03-21 Pumping arms in Dubai before Arnold 2013 !
2014-03-13 Pumping big back in Dubai before Arnold 2013 !
2014-03-09 Posing on the Venice Beach!
2014-12-06 Working on my posing routine !
2014-02-12 Pre contest shape-mandatory poses 10 days out of Ms. O !
2014-02-07 Workout Chest and Triceps !
2014-01-31 Pre contest shape-mandatory poses 3 weeks out !
2014-01-17 Photos from Hollywood !
2013-06-12 Working Abs !
2013-12-11 Pumping Legs !
2013-24-10 New modeling photos of SuperGirl !
2013-24-10 New casual photos from Grand Canyon !
2013-01-09 New photos of pumped Biceps !
2013-23-08 Some photos from pumping in July !
2013-22-08 New album of triceps workout !
2013-27-07 Back workout !
2013-27-07 Starting with updates from my workouts !
2013-13-07 More fan shots, check it out !
2013-26-06 New fan shots, check it out !
2013-06-06 New contest photos from Emilio Valentin !
2013-13-05 New photos in Red Bikini !
2013-01-05 New album wearing Red Gloves !
2013-30-04 Photos from workout on Venice Beach !
2013-03-04 New video, pumping on the Beach !
2013-25-03 New video, walking on Venice Beach in red dress !
2013-14-03 New ablbum with new photos from Venice Beach !
2013-03-03 New ablbum with photos from Ms. international Finals !
2013-12-02 New ablbum with new photos from the gym !
2013-07-02 New ablbum with new photos from yestday's workout!
2012-25-12 New ablbum with photos in black corset!
2012-18-12 New ablbum with photos made by fan!
2012-25-10 New ablbum with photos on Venice Beach!
2012-25-10 Photos from training arms!
2012-20-10 New photos from shooting with GeneX!
2012-10-10 Photos from back workouts in September!
2012-25-09 New photos from back workout!
2012-20-09 New photos from shoulders workout!
2012-06-09 New photos from arms workout!
2012-02-09 New photos from chest workout!
2012-26-08 New photos from back workout!
2012-02-08 New photos from shoulder workout!
2012-12-06 New photos from Arnold Classic shooting!
2012-15-05 More photos from FIBO made by Robby!
2012-10-05 Another workout video on Venice Beach, pumping triceps!
2012-25-04 More new photos from FIBO made by Robby!
2012-20-04 New photos from FIBO made by Robby!
2012-15-03 New private shots from Bondi Beach in Australia!
2012-10-03 Interesting new photos from training on Muscle Beach Venice!
2012-10-02 Pumping up the triceps!
2012-05-02 Leg day-working the quads!
2012-30-01 Check out my chest workout!
2012-18-01 More new photos from shooting in LA!
2012-12-01 Check out new bicep workout!
2012-05-01 New light workout for chest!
2011-29-12 New hot photos from shooting video in LA!
2011-23-12 New workout, pumping arms!
2011-10-12 Check out my recent shoulder workout!
2011-29-11 Lots of new photos from shooting video in LA!
2011-14-11 New training photos from Miami after Olympia!
2011-07-11 New 130 casual photos from Venice after Olympia!
2011-10-01 Working legs with male BB in prep for Olympia, part 2!
2011-09-12 New photos from today if you wanna check out my shape before Ms. Olympia stage!
2011-08-22 Check out my biceps workout!
2011-08-16 Working legs with male BB!
2011-08-10 Lots of new photos from shooting in downtown LA with Colette Guimond!
2011-08-05 Flexing Biceps on Miami Beach!
2011-07-30 New photos from relaxing on Miami Beach!
2011-07-25 Flexing Abs on Miami Beach!
2011-07-20 New photos from shooting outside in LA!
2011-07-14 New photos from recent vacation in Miami!
2011-07-10 New photos from shooting for hot workout video!
2011-07-02 Watch me running on Miami Beach!
2011-06-27 New photos in contest shape, enjoying at the pool!
2011-06-22 New arms workout clip!
2011-06-09 New arms workout clip 2!
2011-05-31 New photos in the gallery, arms workout!
2011-05-26 New shoulders workout clip 2!
2011-05-23 New hams&calves workout clip!
2011-05-19 More than 100 new photos from shoulders workout!
2011-05-13 New photos from my chest and triceps workout!
2011-05-09 New shoulders workout clip!
2011-05-05 New back workout clip!
2011-05-02 New photos from my back workout!
2011-04-30 Check out the new chest workout clip!
2011-04-27 More than 200 new photos from arms workout!
2011-04-25 Short biceps workout clip!
2011-04-22 New photos from arms workout!
2011-04-20 New photos from workout!
2011-04-14 New photos from workout!
2011-04-10 Short triceps workout clip!
2011-04-08 New photos from workout!
2011-04-05 New photos from workout!
2011-03-27 New photos from shoulder's workout!
2011-03-22 Photo set no. 8 from Robby Brand !
2011-03-12 New photos from yesterday's workout!
2011-03-10 Different photos from Dubai!
2011-03-01 Some good shoots of biceps training!
2011-02-26 New private photos from vacation!
2011-02-24 New private photos from the beach!
2011-02-16 Again three clips from Dubai!
2011-02-07 Three clips from Dubai!
2011-01-27 Two hot yachting clips!
2011-01-20 New boxing workout!
2011-01-14 Three older hot clips from Jamaican beach!
2010-12-12 Wrestling with Kasie, part 3!
2010-11-11 Old clip, first part of dvd Muscle Pump sisters 2!
2010-11-04 Wrestling with Kasie, part 2!
2010-11-01 More photos from Jamaican beach!
2010-10-30 First clip of wrestling with Kasie Cavanaugh!
2010-10-27 Photos from Jamaican beach!
2010-10-23 Two clips from pool side by Tom Nine!
2010-10-14 Two older hot clips from Jamaican beach!
2010-10-3 Two clips in the underwear made by Tom Nine!
2010-09-23 Interview clip by Tom Nine!
2010-08-17 Oiling legs before going to the pool
2010-07-20 More oiling and flexing before going to the pool!
2010-06-28 Getting ready for the pool and oiling my abs!
2010-06-16 New photos from the beach !
2010-06-07 New photos from the beach added in the galleries!
2010-06-02 A little bit of karate!
2010-05-22 Posing at the pool!
2010-05-06 Casual photos from Fibo!
2010-05-04 Boxing my victim!
2010-04-28 Posing in the desert!
2010-04-22 On the yacht in great shape!
2010-04-12 Walking in heels on the treadmill!
2010-04-08 Let's do some light tummy boxing!
2010-03-31 New posing clip, 3rd part!
2010-03-25 Some amateur clips made by fan!
2010-03-24 Some casual photos from vacations on Jamaica !
2010-03-20 New posing clip, 2nd part!
2010-03-16 New posing clip!
2010-03-09 New posing clip!
2010-03-07 Brand new amateur photos added in the galleries!
2010-03-02 New posing clip!
2010-02-27 New photos added in the galleries, shoulders workout!
2010-02-22 New posing clips!
2010-02-10 New armwrestling clips!
2010-01-27 New clips working out on Jamica!
2010-01-23 New photos added in the galleries, back and abs workout!
2010-01-21 New photos added in the galleries, arms workout!
2010-01-18 New posing clips!
2010-01-11 Watch me talking to you!
2010-01-06 Posing clips from the desert!
2010-01-01 Clips from Jamaica!
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